We here at Haunt Seekers United Nation are proud to give you up to date reviews of haunted houses all across the country. We have merch available, photos, reviews, and links to some of the best haunts the industry has to offer.


We are professional haunt critics/reviewers. We travel the haunt industry and visit small to large businesses to share with the public, giving them our honest, unbiased opinions on what they have to offer. Our critics have experience in haunted attractions, so we each have our own special touches and admirations that we include in our reviews.


Most people want an idea of what they’re getting into when entering a haunt, and while we don’t give away all the secrets of what’s lurking inside, we’ll give a seasoned idea of the better aspects vs. the lesser aspects of a haunt we review. We build these connections  so when you visit a haunt for a good time, you know you will get it.



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